December 20, 2013

snow day

yesterday was a pretty great day at our house. jeff woke up bright and early to go take his pediatric boards. he had been studying for quite a while and had heard that many people hadn't passed on their first try. so he was pretty nervous. but he passed!!! woohoo i'm so proud of him! so when he got home we had to celebrate. we went straight outside to play in the snow. we had such a fun time. as soon as hazel discovered you could eat the snow, we lost her. she just sat there in a daze eating the snow. even on the sled she didn't care to hold on because she needed her hands full of snow to eat causing her to fall off every few seconds. she didn't care at all either. she'd just fall off and ask us to put her back in. hahaha later we went out to dinner and spent some quality time together. i love our little family of three and i'm just treasuring every last minute of it. 

December 6, 2013

two year interview

here is the first of our annual interviews with hazel. we took this just after her birthday and i cant believe how much she has changed already! maaan. why do they have to grow up so fast?

October 3, 2013

a princess birthday

my parents and my sister and her family were going to disneyland on hazels birthday, and my sisters daughter happens to be hazels bff. we had a serious problem. hazel couldn't be without her bff on her birthday. so jeff turned to me and said "new dining table or disneyland?" pffff did he really even have to ask? 
we might be table-less for another few months, but our girl had the best birthday ever.